Introduction to the work

The work exists on the border between painting and non-painting, giving particular attention to   rituals and spells.  It references theories of the distributed network form arising from the current stage of capitalism, and feminist theories of subjectivity as encounter.  

Each work is made up of many elements such as text, image, sound, video, and also activities such as painting, writing, gardening, cooking, and the labour of self and other. The elements are woven together through rituals and spells devised to challenge and resist the binary logic of the network as organisational form. The fragile distributed form of this approach to making rituals and spells has the potential to produce a web of possible relations between elements that mutually transform each other. Politically, ethically and aesthetically, this relation of mutuality differs radically from that of contemporary capitalism, distributed networks and the digital whose organisational structures privilege the increasingly automated and commodified relation between discrete elements coded to reject, assimilate, control or incorporate the other.

I turn to painting and non-painting as a potential site of resistance to the network’s controlling and instrumentalising logic.  I draw on contemporary feminist concepts of a non-phallic, non-binary modality that can be aesthetically incited but not predicted to imagine the production of artistic ‘events’ and ‘forms’ that bear resemblance to the network but which resist its hidden power structure.  It is through attention to this shift that the work questions existing ontological limitations that frame definitions of painting and non-painting.

The work has been disseminated nationally and internationally and some is archived in online collections.  


Dissemination (selected)

Tate Britain, Beyond the Academy, Research as Exhibition Symposium
(Talk on Distributed Art: Distributed Exhibitions as part of the Future Exhibition panel)

Electronic Village Galleries Pilot
Model/Platform to bring International Art to Village Halls Funded by Arts Council England

Dematerial: Critical Debates in Digital Arts
Organiser and Chair of three symposia across South West of England (Arts Council Funded)

Tate Modern, Disrupting Narratives Symposium
Chair and co-organiser (with Marko Daniel, Tate Curator) of symposium on new media arts

Painting & Painting Exhibition, Porthmeor Studios, St.Ives

Arnolfini, Bristol. Craftivism Exhibition
Invited Artwork: Cultural_Capital

Arnolfini, Bristol, Uncraftivism Exhibition
Invited Artwork: The Diggers