A Seduction in to Life

Each day it happens quietly: an aliveness emerging slowly in waves of unfamiliar movement. They hover between the rawest intimacy and the utmost calm, and in humming recognition of that which is unheard of they seep between its limits into each other. In an elongated duration, escaping time axis manipulation, the work unfolds. Two paintings emerge that are almost entirely connected to one another. They stand side by side within a provisional sanctum: a meeting place for the almost miraculous and the almost mundane. Things arise here. When mechanisms of capture make heavy with their claims, they slip away.  Sensing a new ground now they draw strength from the torrent of what is becoming. Here, the sedimentation of habits dissolves in a pause.  In early summer I stumble across this place, recognising afresh the deep smell of paint, encountering anew the fragility of becoming. The canvasses rest, just waiting.  In stillness they murmur. Slight conversations, sometimes just snatched words, thoughts, filter once more into the rectangles, into their skin. Their borders expand together in to life, in to this one life through which they are passing.

kate southworthvignette