Glorious Ninth [about]

Glorious Ninth was a partnership between Kate Southworth and the late Patrick Simons. They worked together from 2001 until 2011. Although much of their work utilised and sometimes even celebrated new technologies, it also challenged the rhetoric of freedom and democracy that surrounded the so called ‘information society’ that emerged at the end of the 20th Century. Most of their net art pieces required the Shockwave plug-in in order to be viewed online. Due to its obsolescence, it is now only possible to present these works in other formats: offline, still images, sound files videos and text. None of these adequately capture the essence of the work and its context.

However, the ongoing attempt to understand these problems in relation to the materiality of net art and its context, has underpinned Kate’s work on the ‘distributed form’ since 2004.

She has reworked and rethought some of these early glorious ninth pieces, and they are catalogued in the Remixes section of this site.

Patrick Simons, artist, composer, musician, and so very much more, 1963-2011

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