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A Sacrosanct Diet


Usually she abstains from eating pomegranate and goat, as it somehow feels disrespectful, even dangerous.

On the one occasion when she wondrously plucked a seeded apple from an abandoned garden, and held it close with the greatest care before ripping it apart and sinking her teeth into the juicy sacs, she found herself questioned wisely by a large goat that asked why she has done such a thing.

Slinking through the smallest gap she stole the beautiful pomegranate that lay on the ground seemingly uncherished and ready to rot.

On hearing this, the goat considered the situation in its entirety and encouraged her to proceed, with absolution.

This incident prompts consideration on her part of a great many things but she is perplexed mostly by a mysterious desire she feels to swallow both pomegranate and goat and feel them heavy in her gut. 

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