A spell to bring lustiness[1] to curators, artists and guests

The packet with RED string contains 23 ritual beads.
It is hoped that these paper ritual beads  bring vigour, vitality, strength, courage and joy to those who keep one in their pocket or their shoe during an exhibition or event.  Sometimes the beads disintegrate and sometimes they simply disappear.  Should this happen, the magic spell will be particularly effective.  You are invited to keep one bead for yourself and share the others with your friends and guests. 

The 2 packets with GREEN string contain dried herbs and fresh herbs.
The day before your event, empty the contents of the two packets with green string into a bowl.  Place the ritual beads into the bowl so that they are infused with the magical powers of the herbs.  On the day of your event, remove the beads from the bowl and remember to take them with you to the event. 

 The packet with RED and GREEN string
This is a ritual to help alleviate post-gig blues, which might occur a day or so after your event.   Light the charcoal disk and add some of the Frankincense and Myrrh.  Take the rosemary spring and inhale its scent as you remember your event.

[1] Lustiness. 1.Full of vigour or vitality; robust. 2. Powerful; strong: a lusty cry. 3.Lustful. 4. Merry; joyous.


This spell was made especially for Greta. She curated West Wolf’s Experiment One, St Margaret’s Church, Whalley Road, Whalley Range, Manchester M16 8AE on 29th June 2013 at 19.30.