48 Summers [video]

Kate Southworth, 48 Summers, 2015. Video


The pale, deathless Affodil that overruns the Elysian fields of Hades and which is a favourite food of the dead is almost invisible and unknowable to the living. In the mortal world it finds approximate form as the vivid yellow daffodil that erupts and decays each spring. It is thought that attention to the materiality of the earthly daffodil may coax an encounter with its shy invisible shadow. Perhaps her attention ebbs and flows at the threshold between these worlds, at least for a while, until the silvered fields quieten their call.   She hears the emptiness.  Spring, another spring, slowly transforms the anonymity of this unknown, until she feels a glow of sunlight on her cloistered folds.


The work in this current iteration (video and text) was shown as part of the Lost for Words exhibition at The Falmouth Project Space, Falmouth School of Art, Cornwall, 2016.