About KS

My work has been disseminated nationally and internationally and is archived in online collections.   I have given talks on contemporary art and curatorial practices at Tate Britain, Tate Modern and Tate St Ives.  From 1998 until 2018 I worked as a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, Curatorial Practice and Interactive Art, at universities in London, Dublin and Falmouth.

I studied BA(Hons) Fine Art Painting at Manchester Polytechnic and was trained in traditional painting techniques and Modernist approaches that included attention to the specific properties of paint, support and canvas; aspects of formalism; and a recognition of the unconscious mind at work beneath stated intentions. As an undergraduate I sought ways to account for the ‘feminine’ within this approach to painting and rooted my work within a feminist context.  These approaches underpinned my research into media archaeology whilst studying MSc Multimedia Systems at London Guildhall University, and subsequent research into the feminising of painting in the post-medium condition.  My practice-based PhD at the University of Leeds, under the supervision of Griselda Pollock and Chris Taylor, brought together network theory and Matrixial feminist theories of subjectivity and aesthetics.

From 2001-2011 I worked with Patrick Simons as Glorious Ninth.